when someone insults you and your friend backs you upimage

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marvel’s found a way to differentiate at least one of their millions of buff blue-eyed blond dude heroes from the rest by making sure that clint barton always has at least one bandage on his face

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I am in a really bad place right now and I have no one.

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I didn’t even know Marvel did explicit comics. 

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I hope this is true. I REALLY hope it is.

PS. Hey Marvel, looking for a Doreen? *waves*

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All New X-Factor 014/ Avenger Origins - Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

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All New X-Factor 014

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All New X-Factor 014

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All New X-Factor 014

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An Infinite List of Beautiful Collections - Zuhair Murad Haute Couture S/S 2007 [2/2]

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I have to wait 3 weels for the next All New X-Factor. 


I don’t want Pietro and Lorna to fall out massively. 

I want her to understand.

Lorna, Wanda and Danger bonding at a Renaissance fare.

My life is fucking complete. 

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do parents feel offended when their kids call themselves ugly like hey those are my genetics you’re talking about

Nah, my parents call me ugly all the time.

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